The Three Cajun Basics

You’ve watched plenty of Emerill shows on web site and you even went to New Orleans once on a business trip but do you really know Cajun food? Here are three items you’ve got to know how to work with if you really want to make the claim you ‘know how to cook Cajun.”
The Holy Trinity – We speak, of course, of celery, onions and bell peppers, the foundation of any true Cajun dish. They come together (usually with garlic) to make a fragrant base for sauces, soups and even bouillabaisse.
Roux – Yes, roux. It’s merely flour and butter cooked together but there’s a real art to it. Don’t skimp on the butter – you need the liquid fats to cook the flour and remove that gluey taste to help give body to soups and ettoufes.
Alligator – Okay, so unless you live in the deep south you’re not likely to have easy access to this critter but if you’ve never sliced and fried up some alligator tail you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s chewy and flavorful and yes, tastes a lot like chicken.

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